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Welcome to my Online Store! Please, take a moment to view the wonderful Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins - We have 4 different options! Made Better. Just for you. Period. Thank you, and please come again! Due to HIGH DEMAND, if Out of Stock, Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping (possibly sooner). Bundle packages also available in Limited supply so order Now!

Customer Testimonials

1) 48 and sharing my own testimony/experience about the Cherish pad. For me my first two days are heavy, but the Cherish absorbed the flow even though I would check because it was the norm for me,but I remained dry. I couldn't believe it myself. Also, I'm a (7)day cycle girl, and been that way pretty much throughout my years of having a cycle, but with Cherish it was an amazing (4) days. I wanted to cry tears of joy, if you only knew!! One last thing, it felt like I didn't even have one on. I truly want to thank God for putting together a phenomenal Nspire executive team who cares about the health of the women around the world. THANK YOU JESUS
2) I want to give my personal testimony!!! Two years ago my menstrual cycle changed dramatically.I went from having a cycle that lasted 3-4 days to a week,sometimes a week and a half. I started having major menstrual cramping to the point that I had to use muscle relaxers and pain medication throughout my whole cycle. I started having numerous infections that had to be treated with antibiotics but not only did the antibiotics kill the bad bacteria in my body, it also killed the good bacteria as well which left my immune system very weak. I've been dealing with severe anemia due to the length of time my cycle was lasting as well as the heavy flow. I had an opportunity to use the Cherish Sanitary Napkins while at the convention in Atlanta...I started my menstrual cycle on that Thursday...on Friday when I got the product I rushed into the nearest bathroom that I could find...y'all I went into the stall and it sounded like a Cherish pad party going on in there! I heard all these wrappers unfolding, so obviously I wasn't the only one that was anxious to get my hand on those pads!!! Y'all, I went over five hours before I changed my sanitary napkin and when I changed it,it was still dry!!! That Friday night at the Women's Gala was when I realized that I had not taken any painkillers or muscle relaxers that whole day!!! Not only that...I changed my sanitary napkin that Sunday morning and when I went to see if it needed to be changed about noon, there was NOTHING there!!! My cycle only lasted about four days!!! Y'all, this product is revolutionary and I'm a witness! To God be the glory because this product is going to change so many lives!!! 3) Hi Everyone!!! Okay, this is a crazy testimonial but so Amazing!!! Soooo, as I'm getting older (I'm 42) I have frequent back pain especially at night before bed. Nothing to do with my flow but when I get my flow it intensifies... So last night I was having my back pain and my husband got tired of me complaining. He threw a pad at me and told me to put it in the area that I had my pain... Can I just tell you!!!! The pain went away quickly and I was able to Fall asleep effortlessly!!! I'm in shock! I can't even believe it. This is not a traditional testimony but I'm hoping one nonetheless!!! 4) Hello! Just wanted to share my personal experience using the Cherish Sanitary Napkin. First off, it is very comfortable! And as women, we have a hard time looking for products that either best suit us, or that we can get the best use out of. I find that this product in comparison to the brand I typically use, the Cherish Sanitary Napkins is a product I will definitely invest in! When seeing the live demonstration, I was in awe at how horrible the in-store merchandise is. Ladies and Gentlemen, this a product that has really piqued my interest because it's a very discreet and comfortable product without that 'diaper' feeling you get when wearing the leading brand products in stores. It's absorbent, which of course, is what we want! I can only put it into so many words, but to put it simply, I am very impressed! 5) Wow you guys!!! I am in complete awe! I get regular cramps and experience a lot of bloating and usually I have to reach for the Aleve to try and relieve it!This time I reached for cherish and I am literally feeling my muscles relaxing as I'm laying here. I'm literally feeling the bloating go away as if somebody just deflated a balloon.This product is utterly amazing!If somebody had told me that a sanitary napkin would relieve cramps and bloating I would've thought they were crazy, but I am experiencing it firsthand so I had to hurry up and get this testimony over to you!Next time I get cramps I will NOT be reaching for the Aleve I will be reaching for my Cherish!Cherish Tee Totally ROCKS!! 6) Good morning.These pads are awesome..👏 I have a heavy cycle due to my fibroids. My doctor recommended I get a hysterectomy 2 years ago because I am the mother of 4 boys and I don't plan on having anymore kids.Luckily I refused to get the surgery. I came on my cycle yesterday and I usually use 4 pads a day on the first couple of days of my cycle but yesterday I only used ☝️1 during the day and one at night and I didn't even feel like I had it on. I had no smell and very little cramps.I am so ready to NSPIRE!! For all who don't know WE ARE SITTING ON GOLD..💰 7) OMG after reading Amy Robinson's testimony concerning back pain I truly had to try it.I've had back pain since 1995 from an US Army injury. I'm currently seeing a chiropractor and the pain is really flaring up. I put a pad on my back and as I sat watching TV, I suddenly noticed the pain had eased off. I can't be certain how long it took because i was into the movie but it wasn't long. Cherish pads are awesome!! Thanks Amy for the post. 8) Cherish ROCKS!!!!I always wonder why I get such terrible itching &odor.... Adding to that, soreness towards the end of my cycle.... So yes ..I was most excited to try Cherish. For the first time in years, I actually looked forward to that time of month. Cherish didn't disappoint....NO ODOR!!!!NO ITCHING!!!!NO SORENESS!!!!At times, I even forgot I was wearing anything until I went to the bathroom because it was so thin...I must say, I am still in awe and just can't wait to share with every woman I come in contact with. So yes... The few packs I got in Atlanta are already done..... I need me some Cherish..... I need to save more women! Thank you These testimonials are NOT from Nspire network – taken from users of the product and shared with us on the Facebook group page.

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